Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit

Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit
Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit
Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit
Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit
Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit
Pro-Street Complete Wiring Kit

This kit is designed especially for high performance street driven race cars. The kit includes a Switch Panel with 8 ft cable, Power Center (fuse panel), labelled wire, a large laminated color wiring diagram, and plenty of terminals, wire ties, and heat shrink.

For competition style steering column applications that don't have turn signals on the column, the Turn Signal switch on the Switch Panel provides basic left and right turn signals and brake lights. In this configuration brake lights will override turn signals. If you apply the brakes with turn signals on, no signal lights will flash, only brake lights will activate. However, if you have a street-style steering column with built-in turn signal switch, turn signals and brake lights will operate in the conventional way where turn signals override brake lights. Select the type of column you have when ordering. The correct wiring diagram will be sent for your application.

The Pro-Street Kit Supports:

  • Standard MSD(tm) Ignition as well as EFI systems
  • Two Electric Fuel Pumps
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Engine Cooling Fan with Temperature Switch
  • Electric Shifter (Air, Electric, or Spring)
  • RPM or Timer Shifting
  • Alternator (One-Wire)
  • Starter
  • Tachometer and other gauges
  • Transbrake or Delay Box and 2-Step
  • Up to two Nitrous kits
  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Horn
  • Wipers
  • Switch Panel mounted interior lights

The Pro-Street Switch Panel includes 9 switches and controls Ignition, Accessory, and Start, one or two Fuel Pumps, Water Pump and Fan, one or two Nitrous Systems with independent Purge, all Lights, Turn Signals, and Horn.

Most of the switches on the Switch Panel can control two separate functions by toggling up or down. In many cases when the switch is in the up position only one function will be turned on, but in the down position both functions will turn on. For example, turning on the Accessory Switch turns on Accessory power only, but in the down position both Ignition and Accessory power are turned on.

The Fuel Pump switch will operate only when Ignition is on. Fuel Pump 1 can be turned on alone but the Fuel Pump 2 switch turns on both fuel pumps. In a similar way, the Water Pump can be operated alone, but the Fan switch turns on both the Fan and Water Pump. The Water Pump switch is generally used for gradual engine warm-up or cool-down whereas the Fan is used for max cooling.

The Interior Switch is used to turn on only the LED lamps on the back of the Switch Panel. In the down position, the Lights Switch can be used to turn on headlights, running lights, and dash lights, but does not turn on the Interior LED lights. The wiring diagram shows how a foot dimmer switch can be used as a separate headlight switch.The Switch Panel Nitrous switches provide Arm and Purge control for up to two Nitrous kits. These switches provide ground triggers for nitrous solenoids. Refer to the nitrous system manufacture's instructions for proper connections. When wired correctly the Arm switch should activate the arming solenoid and the momentary Purge switch should activate both the arm and purge solenoids.

The Pro-Street Power Center ... Key features:

  • Power Feed and outputs are connected to the Power Center through heavy duty stud terminals for simple, bullet-proof connections.
  • Includes flasher, 12 relays, 19 fuses
  • Dedicated relay for high current solenoid type shifters
  • Also supports cocking style "spring" shifters and pneumatic solenoid shifters
  • Rubber mounted for long term durability and protection against severe vibration and tire shake
  • Reverse battery protected.
  • Compact size: 7" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/4" (LxWxH) makes mounting easy.
  • Mounting base and cover are powder-coated satin black.

Our Price: $695.00
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